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  • Marc Jikan Brookhuis

4 & 2 was founded in 2003 by zen teacher Marc Jikan Brookhuis. Marc Brookhuis graduated in the science of Public Administration in the 1990s, specializing in Crisis Management. Both during and after his study he immersed himself in a broad sense, including studying Personality Psychology, Western and Eastern Philosophy with an emphasis on Zen Buddhism.

Marc started his Zen practice in the mid-90s with Zen teacher Willem Kando Scheepers (Zentrum Utrecht, The Netherlands), he became an assistant of Willem Scheepers and practiced Koan study with him. He was also appointed a Zen Buddhist by Willem Scheepers through the Jukai ceremony where he was given the dharma name Jikan.

Sinds 2005 werkt Marc als mental coach en zen-leraar en geeft diverse cursussen zoals Zen & Zang, Zen & YinYoga en Zen & Boogschieten. Marc heeft diverse boeken geschreven zoals “Mindfulness – aandacht voor nu”, “Meer mindfulness”, “Onafhankelijk Denken”, “Zen, verhalen uit het Oosten” en “Zen en de kunst van kwaliteit”.  Klik hier voor een overzicht van al zijn boeken.

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  • Clients

Our clients range from individuals and companies to government agencies. At the bottom of this page you'll find some testimonials from clients who have worked with Marc Brookhuis as a zen teacher or mental coach.

  •  Our partners

4 & 2 works with a large group of coaches and teachers who are deployed per course / training. In addition, works 4 & 2 together with Zentrum Utrecht, Volkshogeschool Terschelling, Schloss Weinberg (Austria) and OperaopZak.

  •  Our name

What does 4 & 2 mean? 42, or "Fourty Two, is the answer to life, the universe and everything", according to writer Douglas Adams (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy); A book that plays fantastically with reality, reflection and existentialism.  4 & 2 also refers to six or 6. Sometimes 4 and 2 is 6. Nothing more, nothing less. A zen answer.

  • Chamber of Commerce

4 & 2 is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 27347301. 


Marc Brookhuis in the documentaries 'Zen in Singing' (2016) and 'Zen and Archery' (2009)


Ariane Brederode

Marc Brookhuis is a coach who helps you gain more insight from silence and attention. His coaching focuses on questions such as "Who are you, without all the sounds and distractions around you?" and "What is your own sound?". His coaching helps you to get closer to yourself and from there connect with those around you.


  • Ariane Brederode, Corporate Care Team Manager Central Government

Ed Hagedorn

I got to know Marc as a passionate Zen teacher. Before that, he received training in Japan, among other places, which instilled in him a certain rigour in Zen teaching but also a love for the practice. He knows how to convey the essence of his knowledge and skills in an accessible way. One of his striking strengths here is that, with apparent ease, he knows how to reduce the often complex trains of thought that Zen teachings have produced to their core and indeed to the logic on which they are based. I warmly recommend Marc's trainings.


  • Ed Hagedorn, Owner at The Well Company

Emiel Ebbing

I have been working with Marc as a Zen teacher at my centre Préau in France for 15 years now, and it remains enjoyable and satisfying to work with him. He is able to connect the phenomenon of Zen with all kinds of other fields (singing, acting, clowning, photography, archery), creating exciting collaborations all the time.


  • Emiel Ebbing, Owner L'Huy Preau (course centre France)

Ekaterina Levental

I know Marc Brookhuis from a workshop I attended with him. A workshop especially put together for classical singers, Marc was responsible for the Zen part of that workshop. I experienced Marc as a very nice coach and enjoyed his lessons. Marc is a dedicated teacher, pleasant person and someone who is able to guide you in a quest for development.


  • Ekaterina Levental, singer

Walther Deubel

I got to know Marc Brookhuis at Zen & Singing workshops. Wonderful training sessions he gives where you are coached to use the wisdom and insights of Zen as a singer/musician. I got a lot out of it! I started to move much more consciously on and around my (personal) stage. Marc is a Zen teacher, coach, pragmatist, friendly, intelligent and someone who is open, which I always find very pleasant! It's good to exchange thoughts in a conversation with him, and good to seek the silence with him.... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


  • Walther Deubel, singer

Michelle Mallinger

Marc helped me to only focus on the task at hand- whether that be singing, teaching or just riding my bike. My level of stress has been lowered by being in the moment. I’m really grateful for Marc’s teaching!


  • Michelle Mallinger

Florian Götz

Marc Brookhuis is a fantastic coach. I worked with him for nearly two years and can highly recommend him. He has a great ability to really listen to you and to bring new ideas in your life. His book about mindfulness should actually be read by everyone because I think that literally everybody could profit for oneself and at the same time for his personal environment.


  • Florian Götz, singer

Ginette Puylaert

I’ve got to known Marc during the last couple of years as a dedicated and reliable teacher, who’s personally involved with his students/participants. During the several Zen courses with Marc my view on work and all of life has changed completely, in a positive way. During the courses there is a lot of space for sharing personal stories and experiences. Linking these daily life matters to Zen and it’s philosophies, helped me a lot, especially when learning from other people. During the courses Marc always knows a way to surprise me with new topics or excercises. It never gets dull. I can really recommend Marc as a coach. I still attend his courses whenever I can and always leave with lots of new interesting thoughts and inspiration.


  • Ginette Puylaert, Singer, drama en vocal coach

Helena van der Steege

In August 2014 we hired Marc to give a Mindfulness workshop to our international students at the University of Amsterdam. We were very pleased with his performance. Marc is a good (zen) teacher who can explain difficult subjects in a playful manner. The students liked his workshop very much.


  • Helena van der Steege, Projectmanager student services University of Amsterdam

Esen Erdogan Ciftcy

My association with Marc as my personal coach and Zen teacher began in 2011. Our sessions significantly contributed to my personal development and introduced me to the world of Zen. Marc is a great teacher of exceptional intelligence and knowledge—and he is a lot of fun too. His unique ability to blend Zen with personal coaching is invaluable. His guidance is practical and it works. Thank you for passing it on Marc!


  • Esen Erdogan Ciftcy, Partnering with the healthcare ecosystem for strategy & improved outcomes | Fostering human connections | Founder Impact Health | Healthcare Strategist & Economist

Laurens van der Drift

Marc is a sharp teacher with skills that put you at ease and confront you at the same time.


  • Laurens van der Drift, Inspiring people | Building teams | Creating performance

Dave Borghuis

Marc is a great zen teacher who explains in a clear way. He gives a straight guidance for all kind of issues.


  • Dave Borghuis, Eigenaar Twenspace

Elsina Jansen

Marc is a passionate Zen teacher with a lot of knowledge and background and he has an open way of communicating.


  • Elsina Jansen, Stage Director, Artistic Director & Drama Teacher

Joel Vuik

Meditation is not new to me and I thought I was rather good at it. Yet, during the Margreet Honig Summer Academy I learned a whole new level of meditation. Marc Brookhuis, the zen master, helped me find deeper stills in my meditation.


  • Joël Vuik, singer

Jörn Dopfer

Letter of recommendation for Marc Brookhuis, teacher of Zen meditation and mindfulness:

As part of the Margreet Honig Summer Academy, my voice students were guided by Marc Brookhuis in the practice of Zen meditation. The students reported enthusiastically and inspired about their experiences after each course. They particularly emphasised the friendly and informal atmosphere of their work together with Marc Brookhuis. For singers in today's world, the instruction in Zen meditation and mindfulness exercises makes an important contribution to the topic of resilience and stress prevention.


  • Jörn Dopfer, Professor für Gesang, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

Hans Adolfsen

Marc Brookhuis works with singers on the basis of mindfulness. I would highly recommend his work: the reduction of stress, the freedom and growth within ourselves will increase our success in music, and make ourselves happier in the process. His work and exercises seem very good and helpful to me.


  • Hans Adolfsen, Dozent Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Thomas Tacquet

I had the chance to work with Marc during several years of the Margreet Honig Summer Academy; each time, I could notice his preparational work, his listening, his seriousness, his willingness to do the best for everyone. He is a singular person, whom I strongly recommend to know!


  • Thomas Tacquet, Pianiste, chef de chant, chef de choeur