Thee ceremonie Mental coaching is increasingly used as a means of self-development. Insight into one's own behaviour is of great importance. Insight can be obtained by going deeper into concrete issues, in your personal life, or in business performances.

1-on-1 conversations are the core of our mental coaching. The coaching is based on insights from Zen Buddhism and Mindfulness. In addition, if necessary, techniques such as intuitive coaching and provocative coaching are also used. In addition to insight, the goal is to provide tools that the client can use in his/her own life.

Most consultations consist of series of five sessions, which are extended depending on the need of the client. A coaching session lasts approximately one hour with a maximum of 1,5 hours.

We work with a Social Tariff System. This means that you pay a fee based on your income. If you earn less, you pay less. If you earn more, you pay more. The minimum rate is 50 euro per hour.