Top sport

Top sport is increasingly becoming a mental affair. Besides physical qualities, nowadays it is precisely the mental state that can make the difference in terms of performance.

Mental coaching in sports has long been under-researched but in recent years it has received increasing attention. And that is not surprising. Because there are countless reasons why we do not perform optimally precisely when we should. For instance, we notice that we are preoccupied with peripheral issues instead of that one goal, we are no longer open-minded but only experience pressure, or there is no longer any joy during the performance.

This is precisely why mental coaching deserves a place in the training package of top athletes. It is an important part of the preparation for that one moment of performance. So that at the moment itself we experience less pressure but are able to deliver our performance uninhibited.

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From - Zen in the Art of Archery:

"Don't think about what to do, don't think about how to perform!" exclaimed the master. "The shot will only go smoothly if it surprises the archer himself."